Midwifery Skills Developer Training

Midwifery Skills Developer Training will be held in ?stanbul with 25 midwives and the partnership of T.C. Ministry of Health, Public Health Agency of Turkey, Female Health Workers Education and Solidarity Association (KASAV), Biruni University and Hand in Hand for Birth Association. For this seminar, 25 midwives came together every Saturday for 5 weeks & participated in day-long trainings.

Aim: To increase the awareness and knowledge of midwives to provide continuous support to procreator according to the physiology of birth.

The Content of Training:

  • Physiology of Birth : Follow – up of birth according to the birth physiology
    Assistant Prof. Dr. Şule Selman
  • The Role of Hormones at Birth
    MD (OB-GYN) Aylin Atakır
  • A Team Approach to Birth – The Psychological Effects of Birth Traumas
    Neşe Karabekir, MA in Psych.
  • Effects of Birth Environment on Birth Experience
    MD (OB-GYN) Semra Özer
  • Exercises for Labor Preparation – Active Birth Positions
    Associate Professor Aslı Göker , Midwife Serap Sağır, Midwife Serpil Varlık
  • Non-Medical Pain Relief Techniques During Labor - Assistant Prof. Dr. Nilgün Avcı
  • Reflexology & Homeopathy in Pregnancy and Labor
    Selime Sancar
  • One-to-one Midwife Support in Labor
    Midwife Elif Demiröz
  • Recognition of High Risk Pregnancies
    Prof. Dr. Yaprak Üstün
  • Medical Interventions During Labor
    Assistant Prof. Dr. Gülhan Cengiz
  • Mother-Friendly Hospital
    MD (OB-GYN) Sema Sanisoğlu
  • Preparing for Childbirth Education
    MD (OB-GYN)  Hakan Çoker
  • First Hour After Birth / Infant Parent Attachment
    Psychologist Tuba Petek Yaylacı
  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Training and Breast Care
    Ayşe Güney / Pediatrician
  • Pregnancy & Maternity Care
    Prof. Dr. Nezihe Beji
  • The Role of Midwife During Childbirth
    Assistant Prof. Dr. Filiz Okumuş
  • Self – Improvement and Problem Solving Skills in Midwifery
    Neşe Karabekir, MA in Psych.

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