• Prenatal Sciences Global Congress 4/4/2022
  • 1st International Birth Psychology and Birth Teams Congress 7/21/2020
    Hand in Hand for Birth Association has pioneered the First International Birth Psychology and Birth Teams Congress where both birth psychologists and birth teams meet. This congress was successfully held at the ?stanbul Harbiye Cultural Center on 28-30 June 2019.
  • Kayseri Provincial Health Directorate and Respect in Birth (19.02.2018) 2/19/2018
    In this activity, we will analyze the concept of respect for newborn, procreator, birth and birth team in detail. We will be together with birth workers, thanks to the support of Kayseri Provincial Health Directorate,
  • Bahçelievler Public Hospital Doula Project 10/12/2017
    This project aims to underline the importance of providing one-on-one and continuous support to women that are in the process of labor, in cooperation with the Hand in Hand for Birth Association's volunteer doulas that have completed or in the process of completion of their doula education in order to provide doula support in Bahçelievler Public Hospital.
  • Midwifery Skills Developer Training 3/4/2017
    Midwifery Skills Developer Training will be held in ?stanbul with 25 midwives and the partnership of T.C. Ministry of Health, Public Health Agency of Turkey, Female Health Workers Education and Solidarity Association (KASAV), Biruni University and Hand in Hand for Birth Association. For this seminar, 25 midwives came together every Saturday for 5 weeks & participated in day-long trainings.

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